Matching Cuties, and A Wedding.

As you probably know by now, I have two adorable boys. Often boys seem to not be as much fun to dress as girls, not as much pink and ruffles. Well that is true, I don’t normally dress my boys in pink, but they are SUPER fun to dress anyway. At least for me. And since they are so close in age its great to match them.

These cute hats
These cute hats

These hats were a gift from Susan at Denzel’s Baby Shower/Sprinkle. They came with matching outfits that I haven’t been able to get on them at the same time yet 🙂 Laundry you know.

So this summer my little brother got married, to the wonderful Mallory, and of course I wanted my Boys outfits to match. I looked all over town to find something wedding appropriate and in their sizes, Jesse was 17 months and Denzel was 3 months, and I couldn’t find anything I liked. So I decided to make them matching outfits. It started with vests:

Matching Vests

I didn’t have a pattern for the vests but I did have vests that fit them at the time so I just copied them (I promise I’ll give a step by step tutorial on how to make a vest, pattern and all, but it will be in a later post. I didn’t have time to take step by step pictures along the way while making these) I thought I’ll make vests and just get white shirts and tan pants. Well I couldn’t find those either in their sizes, without costing an arm and a leg, so I planned to make the whole outfit. Here are the fabrics I used:
august 2014 025

I did use a pattern from Butterick for the Shirts and Pants it is number #B5510 and can be found here, or at the local Joanns fabric. This pattern was VERY Simple and I loved it. The pants were made from a thicker almost corduroy fabric. The shirts were just plain white cotton. I do wish I had used something a little different for the shirts since they wrinkle really badly when washed. Also I would make them longer next time. Here are a couple more pictures along the way:

august 2014 055The pants just had stitching to make it look like they had pockets and a fly, but they didn’t :-). I top stitched the waste band as well.

august 2014 058
I top stitched the entire collar and down the front to keep it all laying flat. I also found a great youtube tutorial of how to make my machine do buttonholes. It can be found by clicking here.
august 2014 061
Jesse helped a ton 🙂 Here are the vests before they had buttons or were top stitched. I decided to top stitch them around the entire edge just to make them lay flat. I love the pocket square.

august 2014 039
All done and ready to wear:
august 2014 145

Unfortunately the pictures we took of them together at the wedding got deleted but we got this good one of Jesse:
jesse outfit
The two of them goofing off:


The following are a couple pictures of them in matching outfits just because I couldn’t resist. (Thank you Sharon Gross)

matching Plaid

This is from their Yiayia (greek for Grandma): Thank you! This picture was difficult to get as they kept wrestling, and honestly I think Denzel was winning.

And this is a picture of them on the right with Dominic and Uncle Cris when they were around the same age on the Left. The outfits were from Aunty Connie Laipis. Thank you!
Matching Daddy and Uncle
And finally Jesse and Daddy with matching smiles 🙂

Daddy and baby

I would like to invite any local Moms who would like to do a small sewing project to contact me by commenting and we can find a night to get together and sew something small (vest for a boy, skirt for a girl). I would love to help you with sewing projects if you are interested.

This is a picture taken at the wedding, of my immediate family with the happy couple a little left of the center, we are on the far left.

Next up, Halloween Costumes.

Evening Gown – Sewing

This project was done a while ago, I made this in May of 2009. Sometimes a project picks you and you have to do it. This was that kind of project. I love evening gowns and sewing and satin material, so the three of those things collided and I was compelled to make something. I found this pattern in the Vogue section at Fabricland, as well as the fabric and notions. When I got it home I realize every piece of the pattern was unique and nothing was cut out in doubles, as is usually the case. It was great fun getting all the pieces to fit on the fabric.

After a bunch of tries everything was ready to cut out, with all the biases, right side of fabric, and fold pieces in the right spots.

I held the pins in my mouth which is not recommended but sometimes it happens.

Then it was time to iron on all the interfacing and start pinning all the pieces together. It started with the bodice, which had an asymmetric waste line meaning each piece had to match exactly to achieve the right affect. Thankfully Vogue patterns are very accurate.

The back of the bodice already has the zipper installed at this point. The lining was next and fairly easy to sew.

This corset piece, (above right) that was in the bodice between the lining and the outer shell, was fairly difficult to put together. As you can see the lining has interfacing applied as well as strips of ribbon pinned on. Those ribbon strips were sewn on and a tunnel was left in the center of the ribbon where I later inserted plastic boning to ensure the bodice would have a good form. It was intricate but so rewarding because it looked amazing afterwards.

The front skirt gather (above left)was a lot of work because it had to be pinned exactly and then hand basted and sewn. this picture shows it half completed. The pins mark where the rest of the pleats will be made, and the distance between them.

Then the Skirt was attached to and bodice (left), and I thought I was almost done. I still had to make the flowers to embellish it, but thats for another post. Below is the finished project.