Mail Box Makeover

I love making things bright and cheery and turning the mundane into something that will make me smile. So our mail box was annoyingly run down and simple to me. It needed a make over.

Here it is before I touched it.


First I took all of the hardware off, sanded everything a little by hand, and started spray painting.

IMG_2592I had purchased a can of spray paint for a different project but it seemed like a good color for this one so why not get started. It was a Rust-oleom  Metallic. it sprays on really light and has an amazing sparkle but has to be done in very light coats. I think I did five coats, if not more. IMG_2593

And as you can see in the lower part of the picture in between coats I was playing around with the correct size of the silhouette I wanted to paint on the sides. Once the paint was dry I put it all back together. It would have made a much better looking mail box already, but I wanted a personal touch.


(Yes it still has a couple dents but I didn’t mind those) I used the same technique on this as I used on my Dining room table makeover, which you can read about here. IMG_2606IMG_2603

So first I taped the carbon paper to the mailbox. And then taped the silhouette on top of that. I got this particular one from pinterest and resized it using Microsoft paint which is pretty easy to use.  I did a different one on each side just for fun.


Below is a close up of how the outline shows up after tracing it.



The top photo was after one coat of paint and the bottom one was after two. I also put a coat of polyurethane over it. Then I found and old faux Barrel planter and cut a hole in the bottom large enough to be able to slip it over the mail box pole. And then reattached the mail box.


A friend gave me a vine for free which I planted and hope flowers soon, and viola!



Its fun to see every time we drive past it. Thanks for reading 🙂