Alice in Wonderland Duster – Knitting

Hello again! This was a project I did last summer/late fall. It worked out exactly like the pictures for me and although my initial thought was that the pattern would be a little difficult to keep doing repetitively, working it without making obvious mistakes, it really wasn’t that difficult. I made this out of mill end yarn from Walmart, similar to what you can find here at It only cost me an estimated 3.00 for the yarn I used 🙂

The pattern I used was from the website

Tahki Stacy Charles Inc.

They sell amazing yarn and have an abundance of gorgeous patterns that are free. They have patterns for sale as well, but being me, I like the free ones. I followed the pattern with a few minor changes. I used a thinner yarn then called for but just made sure to make a bigger size and it worked out well. I also made the finished edging on both fronts a little different by knitting three extra rows.

This gave it a little more of a finished look because with out them I thought it looked like the buttons were an afterthought. I got the buttons for free from my dear Sophia and they are splendid and sparkly.

To get the FREE pattern click HERE, and feel free to contact me if you have questions about it when you are making your own.

The picture above is of the Front neck edge on the left side.

The picture above is of the button edge and the gorgeous buttons 🙂

And this is a close up of the pattern repeats.

Hope you have a great week!


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