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So I decided to finish the explanation I had started on how to do a cross stitch. After completing all the whole and half stitches of the pattern you will want to do all the ‘top stitching’ or outlining. This is all the lines around the objects that really make the picture pop. Most cross stitches use one thread for this but some require more threads if you doing more detailed stitches like fences or limbs of animals. So just pay attention to what the pattern calls for and how many threads you should be using. Most of the stitches can be made just like normal cross stitches in length, meaning they should only go over one square length, but sometimes for different angles you can span at least two or three squares at a time. It’s not a good idea to span more then three since that could make the stitch look sloppy.  I would suggest doing all the outlining first and then move onto details like fences or French knots. Make sure you tuck away your threads in the same way you did before on the back.

Getting ready to frame it.
Getting ready to frame it.

Now to make a French knot, you would come through with your needle to the front or the Cross stitch in the exact spot you want the French knot. You would now pick up a tiny thread from the front of the project and just keep it on your needle, wrap the thread (threaded through you needle, color of the French knot) around the front of you needle, in front of the little picked up thread, twice.

Framed Picture

Now hold that wrapped thread tight against the little piece picked up and pull your needle through it and up. Pull till the thread tightens you should have a little pill of ‘French knot’ sitting right on the cross stitch. Now simply put your needle back right alongside the knot, to the back of the cross stitch to complete.  On the front of your cloth you should have a little knot right in the spot you wanted it to be.  As you can see I framed the finished Cross stitch and put a matting around it to make it stand out a little more. Make sure you trim the Cross stitch so it fits the frame and iron it flat, then stretch it out well so the picture doesn’t have wrinkles in it.

And my kitty likes it too

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